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Gardening in small spaces
April 21, 2020

Just because you have a small yard, or no yard, doesn't mean you can't have a garden. Find clever ideas for creating gardens in urban or small spaces.

1.Kitchen garden!

If you’re looking to grow herbs and other things for your cooking, consider a kitchen garden. Whether you just put a few potted plants in a window sill or you create an entire herb garden, this is a great idea for gardening for small spaces. If you have access to a pallet, you can create an entire space for your herbs on a wall, however big or small you want it.

2. Hanging plants.

If you don’t have the wall space or outdoor space for a garden, consider hanging plants for your garden! Gardening for small spaces, especially in places like studios or small apartments, can be tough. Hanging plants doesn’t take up any window room or wall space and can give a nice aesthetic to your decor!

3. Tiered planters.

For those with small outdoor spaces who want to keep their gardening outdoors, consider using a tiered planter. This way, instead of spreading out your garden, it just goes up, instead of out! Tiered planters are a great use of space for those gardening for small spaces.

4. Use railings.

Have a patio with rails? Use them for gardening for small spaces! Hang baskets or pots along the rails to give a nice look to your patio and also allow for your garden to grow, get fresh air, and plenty of sunlight!

5. Plant a variety.

If you create a space for herbs, consider planting several varieties together. This way, you don’t have to have a container for each one, and you can have your herbs easily accessible in one place! You can plant certain vegetables together as well – just make sure to read up on which ones can be companion planted first so you don’t plant any incompatible plants together!

6. Ladders!

This is another excellent resource for layering a garden vertically to save space. If you have an old ladder, convert it into a small garden with containers on each step! It gives your garden a chic rustic look as well!

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