Dawson Co-op AGM- Resolutions Passed, Welcome New Director
May 29, 2024

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Dawson Co-op Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 23. We had a fantastic turnout, with 67 members attending in person. We are delighted to report that all four resolutions presented during the meeting were passed, reflecting strong support and alignment within our community.

The meeting featured insightful reports from key members of our leadership team. Rod Hillary, our CEO, provided an overview of the past year's accomplishments and future initiatives. Armun Maygoni, our Finance Manager, presented the 2023 Year End Financial Report, while Jaron Neufeld from Sander, Rose, Bone, Grindle offered an external perspective on our financial health. Josh Anderson, Director and Governance Committee Chair, Wayne Ezeard, Director and Community Engagement Committee Chair, and Gordon Parslow, Director and Nominations Committee Chair, each shared updates from their respective committees, highlighting the collaborative efforts driving our cooperative forward.

We are excited to welcome back Darren Shankel to the board for another term. His experience and dedication have been invaluable to the Dawson Co-op. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to our new director, Joseph (JJ) Fellers. JJ brings fresh perspectives and enthusiasm, and we are confident that his contributions will be instrumental in driving our cooperative forward. The evening was marked by active member participation, showcasing the vibrant spirit of our cooperative community. The board is deeply grateful for the engagement and support demonstrated by our members. Together, we look forward to continuing our mission of serving the community and fostering growth and prosperity for all.