Dawson Co-op Shines at Fusion Face Off Gala
March 28, 2024

The Fusion Face Off Gala Dinner took place on the evening of March 22, 2024 at Co-op Mercer Hall at the Ovintiv Events Centre in Dawson Creek, BC. A fusion of cultures and flavors, this highly anticipated event was meticulously orchestrated to celebrate the chefs and students of the Northern Lights College (NLC) culinary program - with the support of Dawson Co-op and event sponsors The Pomeroy Group, Bannister GM, Tim Hortons, Pat’s Auto Supply, and Brother John’s Wine Cellar.

Fusion Face Off is a collaborative effort between NLC and Dawson Co-op, and the Gala Dinner served as the thrilling conclusion to the cooking competition hosted at NLC just two days earlier on March 20. We are thrilled to announce that the Red Team emerged victorious, showcasing their outstanding culinary skills against the formidable Blue Team.

Guests were greeted with an atmosphere of anticipation and camaraderie as they entered the exquisitely decorated Co-op Mercer Hall on that Friday evening. Co-op Mercer Hall provided an elegant setting for an evening of celebration, cultural exchange, and culinary excellence.

With farm to fork products reflecting the bounty of the Peace Region supplied by Dawson Co-op and the combined talented kitchens of NLC and the Ovintiv Events Centre, the Gala surpassed expectations, leaving guests enchanted and setting off a buzz of excitement that stayed long after the festivities had wrapped up. Guest celebrity Chef Dale MacKay, winner of Season 1 of Top Chef Canada, joined in the festivities, conducting workshops and demonstrations for the students during the week – then pivoting to be one of 4 competition judges.

The Fusion Face Off Gala Dinner featured a meticulously curated five-course menu, crafted to showcase the talents of the NLC Culinary students and Chef Instructors Michael French and Regan King. The incorporation of indigenous cooking added a profound depth of authenticity and cultural richness to the culinary experience. As guests indulged in each dish, it was evident that the event transcended mere gastronomy, serving as a vibrant celebration of diversity, innovation, and community spirit.

At Dawson Co-op, we take great pride in our commitment to fostering partnerships and supporting our community. Initiatives like the Fusion Face Off and in-store tasting demos with NLC culinary students are just some of the ways we demonstrate this dedication. By sponsoring events like these, we not only enrich the local culinary scene but also provide invaluable opportunities for aspiring chefs to develop their skills and shine. We believe in the power of collaboration and are grateful for the chance to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our community through these initiatives.